What is Palliative Care?

Palliative Care is an approach that improves the quality of life of people and their families who are faced with a life limiting condition or illness – through the relief and prevention of suffering by means of assessment and treatment of pain and other conditions.

The Palliative Care approach gives physical, spiritual, psychological and cultural support to a person and their loved ones during this life ending period.

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What is Advanced Care Planning?

This is sometimes referred to as end of life wishes, and is a process that enables a person and their loved ones to discuss and document any wishes that they may have in regards to any life saving treatment if they become terminally ill.

You maybe asked if you already made these choices on admission, if not, this may be discussed with you and your family by the admission nurse- who can advise you of the options that are available to you.

If our staff are aware of your wishes and you become terminally ill, this will enable us to keep you comfortable here in familiar surroundings instead of transferring you to an acute care hospital for life saving treatments that may be unacceptable to you.


What is End of Life Care?

End of Life Care is when a person is terminally ill and they are in the last days or weeks of life.  The primary focus of treatments is on preventing pain and suffering of the person, and emotionally supporting the person and their loved ones.

During this time, our staff will closely monitor the person for signs of pain or discomfort, as the may not be able to verbally express their pain or distress.

Our staff will ensure that family and loved ones have unlimited visiting time during this period and any other support that they may need.


How a Patient is looked after in Palliative Care

All residents have a palliative care plan developed for them on an individual basis, which looks at the needs of the resident, the resources they need and the needs of their family and friends.  Our staff have been trained in providing care from admission through to end of life care – which includes complex pain management strategies to ensure a pain free state.


Process to obtain Palliative Care – is there a form to fill out?

We encourage all our residents and their representatives to have or complete an advanced care plan on admission or as soon after as possible.  This will ensure that the resident’s wishes regarding life sustaining treatment is observed.  There is no time limit on a resident’s palliation.  All our resident beds are potential palliative care beds.


Bereavement & Grief

It is normal to feel grief in response to loss.

You can discuss your concerns with our trained staff, or you may contact the Commonwealth Carer Centre on Phone: 1800 242 636